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Megaink's Series DS is a premium Waterbased Textile Disperse Dye Inkjet Ink set formulated for use in printers with Epson from DX4 to TFP print heads.

Series-DS is a water-based digital sublimation ink dedicated to the direct printing process and transfer printing as well. The product is suitable for all printers equipped with Epson piezoelectric technology.

The long-run test performed on different printers such as Roland®, Mimaki®, Mutoh®, and Epson® has shown a good run ability with all Epson® printing heads (DX4, DX5, DX7, TFP), fulfilling the highest market requirements.

• Fast Drying
• Excellent Transfer Capability
• Brilliant and Vivid Colors Color Gamut
• Ink Availability in Orange, Blue, Turquoise and Red
• Designed for Direct Printing on Various Polyester
• Medias (Pre-treatment is recommended)
• Approved for Use in Printers With Epson From DX4 to TFP Print Heads

Detailed information

Color: Cyan
On stock | 1614764-01KG
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€28 / pcs
Color: Magenta
On stock | 1614766-01KG
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€28 / pcs
Color: Yellow
On stock | 1614768-01KG
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€28 / pcs
Color: Black
On stock | 1614769-01KG
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€28 / pcs

Product detailed description

Series-DS is recommendable for 100% polyester fabrics or in blends with different fibers (lycra, viscose, cotton, acrylic) with a minimum percentage of 70%. It can also be used on any substrate (alu, wood, ceramic, glass, etc.) usually unsuitable for the sublimation process, after doing a pretreatment with polyester-polyamide resins. Series-DS is specifically formulated for Soft-Signage and Flags even if it is suitable for sportswear, technical sports equipment (snowboard, ski, wakeboard, bike frame, etc), garments, ceramics, wood, gadgets, and decorations.

Series-DS has brilliant and vivid colors that allow obtaining a high wide and deep color gamut. Its formulation gives the product good drying properties both on fabrics and paper; as it can easily pass through the fiber, it is the best choice to print on two-sided fabrics.
By transfer printing too, Series-DS grants the best color release at standard conditions (200/210°C–35/45 sec). It has an excellent wettability and very good drying properties, so it is suitable for fast long-run productions, without the constant interruptions for cleaning procedures.

Inks were optimized to jet in equipment operating at 25°C. Changes in ambient temperature and controlled temperature settings affect the viscosity of the ink and therefore the accuracy of drop formation and dot placement. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 55°C should be avoided as long term exposure to high temperatures can induce pigment agglomeration.

These inks should be stored between 20° - 25°C (68° - 77°F). When stored properly inks have a 12 month shelf life.

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