Series-LV 1LT Bottle

Code: 1614304-01LT
Brand: Megaink
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Megaink's Series-LV is a premium UV curable high density pigmented inkjet ink set formulated for use in the printers designed to prefer lower temperature ink operation.

Series-LV UV curable inks are optimized for lower temperature ink operation. Series-LV is uniquely formulated to have excellent adhesion and flexibility on a wide array of digital graphic media.
These inks are intended for jetting with high consistency, repeatability, and stability on systems based on Ricoh G4/G5, Dimatix Starfire series, Konika Minolta 1024i, Seiko 508GS and similar as well as on other printheads in class.

• Wide color gamut
• Extremely reliable
• Formulated to achieve GRACol Standards
• UV & water-resistant without coating or lamination
• Excellent mechanical performance
• Low-temperature printhead operation (Between 38°C & 42°C)
• Compatible with Mercury Vapour and LED Lamps

Detailed information

Color: Cyan
On stock | 1614304-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: Magenta
On stock | 1614305-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: Yellow
On stock | 1614306-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: Black
On stock | 1614349-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: Light Magenta
On stock | 1614351-01LT2
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: Light Cyan
On stock | 1614350-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€65 / pcs
Color: White
On stock | 1614352-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€78 / pcs
Color: Clear
On stock | 1614353-01LT
Delivery to: 7.7.2022
€78 / pcs

Product detailed description

Inks can be used in jetting equipment with temperatures up to 60°C. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 55°C however, should be avoided as long term exposure to high temperatures can induce premature polymerization.

Series-LV inks are designed for outdoor use and, with a suitable substrate and correct ink application, should withstand 1-2 year exposure. Laboratory tests passed the 2-year outdoor durability criteria (delta E of <10 using accelerated testing equipment).

Series-LV inks are formulated to achieve optimum adhesion on commonly used semi-rigid to flexible display graphics media. 

These inks should be stored between 15° - 30°C (59° - 86°F). When stored properly inks have a 12 month shelf life.
*White ink will need agitation before placing into printer and during the use in ink train.

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