Series-MK 440ml Cartridges

Code: 1614174-440ML-SS1
Brand: Megaink
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Megaink's Series-MK ink is a premium ECO solvent pigmented inkjet inkset formulated for use in the Mimaki® JV5™, JV33/34™, JV300/150™ & CJV300/150™ series printers using Mimaki® SS21 inks.

Megaink's Series-MK vinyl-based ECO solvent products are optimized for high pigment density and wide color gamut. They are used on a wide range of flexible display graphics media.

These inks are intended for jetting through piezo DOD print heads at ambient temperatures.

• Low odor

• Fast dry times

• Less waste due to cartridge-by-cartridge changeover

• A broader range of compatibility with low-cost

SAV and vinyl banner media

• No flushing and re-profiling required when switching form SS21 inks

Detailed information

Color: Cyan
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Color: Magenta
On stock | 1614178-440ML-SS1
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Color: Yellow
On stock | 1614762-440ML-SS1
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Color: Black
On stock | 1614763-440ML-SS1
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Product detailed description

Series-MK inks are formulated to achieve excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and compatibility with a wide range of banner stocks, vinyl, and paper.

Series-MK inks are designed for outdoor use and, with a suitable substrate and correct ink application, should withstand 1-2 year exposure. Laboratory tests passed the 2-year outdoor durability criteria (delta E of <10 using accelerated testing equipment).

Inks were optimized to jet in equipment operating at 25°C. Changes in ambient temperature and controlled temperature settings affect the viscosity of the ink and therefore the accuracy of drop formation and dot placement. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 55°C should be avoided as long term exposure to high temperatures can induce pigment agglomeration.

These inks should be stored between 15° - 30°C (59° - 86°F). When stored properly inks have a 15-month shelf life.